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Welcome Aboard
Hi There!!

Want to have some fun?
Want to dress up as your favourite Star Wars character?
Want to go to awesome events and make new freinds?

Well it looks like you have found the perfect place to be.

The Galactic Academy is a world wide costuming group that was started to give our youngsters the chance to dress up, have some fun and also help out some amazing charities along the way.

We are an all inclusive club taking members from a couple of months old (with the help of mum and dad) through to 18 years old.

The Geonosis School forms the Queensland Australia branch of the Galactic Academy and is run by volunteer staff who have an avid interest in Star Wars, Costuming and having fun.

So if this sounds good to you the feel free to start a thread, introduce yourself and or your youngsters and ask any further questions you might have.

[Image: Sig%20new_zpswymmmmhp.jpg]
Geonosis School - Captain of the Guard

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